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My Songs.

Uplift. Empower. Entertain.


Like the joy we get from listening to music, this Newfoundland artist is most joyful when she sings. Contemporary Country with hints of Pop & Rock, Lorna writes with heart and humour, delivering these 10 original songs like candy - through sweet vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, drums, bass and keyboard.

Growing up on the beautiful island portion of Newfoundland and Labrador has left no shortage of inspiration since beginning her song writing journey. Taking a page from her father's book, Lorna was awestruck as a teenager to learn the tunes she loved so much had been written by her dad, Gordon Lovell. Admiration turned to motivation for Lorna as she attempted to write her own music decades later. 

Through life's struggles Lorna learned the importance of positivity and, determined to spread joy through music, decided to put forward a collection of songs that would uplift, empower and entertain its' listeners. The title track, Whenever I Sing, was written after the album was started, inspired by her experience at a Songwriting Challenge hosted by MusicNL, and certainly by her love of singing.

Whether you're looking for a beat to dance to (try Running With the Big Boys Now or Fly In My Whiskey), to feel empowered & inspired (try Island Girl or Red Light Kiss), to sail away on the wings of love (try All Your Dances or It Must Have Been A Dream), or just need a bit of silliness (My Guitar's Got A Buzz On), Lorna's debut album boasts a lil something for every mood. Feeling sexy? Reelin' is all that and a bag of chips! The dreamy mood of Sand In Heaven paired with Lorna's sugary vocals balances out a solemn tribute to WWII Veteran's, inspired by the televised ceremonies on the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. 

Lorna quietly acknowledges sometimes "holidays are hard" in this sweet & relevant Country Christmas tune.

Feel connected to the lyrics & find warm comfort in the delightful, upbeat melody!

Steve Hinson's steel guitar dials 
up the Nashville metre with Clint Curtis on electric guitars & Lorna's angelic vocals to bring it home,. 

"Holidays Are Hard" is sure to pluck on your heart strings.

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